Nowadays, computers have become one of the main resources in all areas to make our jobs simpler, competent and planned. With the development in technology used to create this sophisticated machines, flexibility and security of these machines has increased to a greater extent. However, there is still threat on your privacy. Viruses and spyware were created to steal your personal information, such as bank accounts, credit card numbers, passwords, etc. and spread through internet, pen drives, CDs, etc.

Antivirus are those tools or programs that are specifically designed to block or remove these threats that could harm your computer and your privacy. It detects any infection in your computer and eliminates the threat before it can propagate throughout the system. These days, online banking and online shopping has become a trend. Imagine how unsafe and unpleasant the whole experience would be without the security protocols. Antivirus helps to safeguard this vital information so that any unauthorized attempt can be prevented.

There are many websites which offers antivirus free download, but you should be careful which one you choose. Here are few tips to help you make a better decision while choosing an antivirus program.

  • Choose the program that is compatible with your system which doesn’t affect the overall performance of your system.
  • The antivirus program should be able to give good background protection in addition to normal full computer scan. Background protection detects the threats in real-time and acts upon it as soon as it’s detected.
  • Look for the antivirus that can backup your data and recover your system to earlier state incase the system crashes.
  • New viruses spread on day-to-day basis, so it is important that the antivirus program updates its virus database daily.
  • Firewall protection is important to guard your PC from threats when connecting to internet. So, be sure you look for this feature too.